Constantly improve our work processes, enabling us to become perfect in the design, manufacture and automation of quality machinery with a high degree of efficiency seeking free maintenance on our equipment, seeking ways to reduce our costs and to be competitive in the market while still seeing the forefront of technology in this way we can offer differentiated services while meeting the needs of our customers.



To be the best place to labor, where all partners and staff can be professionally , remain as a leader, stable and growing, be the best in quality, safety, productivity, efficiency and environmental preservation, future generations transcend modeling right through our values


Quality Policy

Our quality projects a continuing effort to improve every day in everything we do with the ongoing commitment to meet the satisfaction with the specifications that we require our customers and their expectations to receive from us in the short and timely technical guidance and service you require


APIMEX offers automated manufacturing solutions that include assembly, machining and material handling applications. We provide a diverse range of flexible manufacturing systems and services.